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Auxins, Cytokinins,Gibberellins, Tryptophan

A blend of Cyto-Hormones

Category: Algreens

Packaging: Bottle

Packs: 50ML, 100ML, 250ML, 500ML, 1LTR, 5LTR, 20LTR

Application Rates: 10ML/20LTRS OF WATER (400-500ml/Ha)

A combination of several cyto-hormones in unique proportions, and with reversible weak bonds that stimulate synergy and complementation effect, for modification and optimization of plant growth and production.

  • Cytomone makes plants grow tall, bigger and deeper roots very fast.
  • Cytomone prevents fertilizer wastage - by quickening fertilizer conversion into plant food and nutrients.
  • Cytomone promotes drought resistance - it enhances fabulous and deeper root growth thus preventing water stress and wilting.
  • Cytomone ends seed dormancy and trigger germination.
  • Cytomone breaks flower buds dormancy thus increasing flower set.
  • Cytomone promotes and initiates a lot of flowering and uniformity.
  • Cytomone increases fruit size and bigger potato tubers.
  • Cytomone makes plants stay green for a longer period by preventing early senescence (early leaves death).
  • Cytomone promotes and increases lateral growth, tillering and branching.
  • Cytomone increases the color. and sweetness of the fruits and vegetables.

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